Willie Loves Hide ‘n Seek

Playtime for Willie, our 6-year-old chocolate lab, always requires some form of “Hide and Seek.” The favorite toy for hiding is his red Kong. Of course if anyone opens the […]

A Fitting tribute

I lost my Hobby  in 2011 to osteosacroma (bone cancer). He was 8 years old, and lived to run. He didn’t care so much for catching, just chasing. He would […]

Willie’s new “nigh, nigh, blankie”

Our 6 1/2-year-old chocolate lab has a definite nighttime routine. It begins with the last visit outside then up to the bedroom where the closet door is opened and he […]

Dogs Understand the Joy of Simple Things

We can learn a lot from our dogs. Take, for example, my dog Chance. Simple things make Chance so happy. Here are a few of his favorite things: • Walking around […]

Dog shows – more than a beauty contest.

Although I will be the first to confess dog shows have hurt a lot of breeds, there are some good things about them as well. Many people who are breeder/ […]

Willie vs. the Paper Shredder

My office desperately needs cleaning and organizing, which requires document shredding. It’s usually an uneventful and rather boring task — except when Willie helps. We have a little game we […]

Dogged Devotion

Our dogs don’t all like each other. The two little ones like each other and the two big ones like each other, but the little ones only tolerate the big ones […]

“Willie, Where’s Your Noodle?”

“Willie, Where’s Your Noodle?” Our 6 1/2-year-old chocolate lab has one major food obsession – the noodle. Although he loves meat, bread, fruit and vegetables, pasta remains his No. 1 food […]

Chance Comes Home

It was a very sad day in December, when we lost our dog, Jake. It was one of the worst days in my whole life. Jake was an 8-year-old Lab […]

Russian Shedders

I love this time of year: flowers blooming, sun shining and a yard covered in a whispy layer of white dog hair. With four big white dogs (Borzoi aka Russian Wolfhounds) […]

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