Willie’s new “nigh, nigh, blankie”

Our 6 1/2-year-old chocolate lab has a definite nighttime routine. It begins with the last visit outside then up to the bedroom where the closet door is opened and he retrieves his blanket from the shelf. Immediately, Willie runs down the steps to show his “blankie” to Dad informing him it’s bedtime, then back up the stairs he jaunts, takes a flying leap and lands with a jolt in the middle of our bed. I remind him it’s time to settle down, relax, and quit chewing on his blanket.
Over the past few years, Willie’s blanket chewing has lessened the size and structure of this once beautiful soft green throw. It now measures about 6 by 8 inches from a 4- by 6-foot lovely sea green velour blanket. The ends have become tattered and discolored beyond the ability to launder clean. I have come to one conclusion; time for the blanket to go. For Willie’s sake, I don’t have the heart to dispose of his nighttime pacifier. What should I do?
Last week I visited my mom in Ohio to celebrate her 95th birthday and attend my 40th class reunion — how did I get this old? I mentioned to my mom my dilemma with Willie’s dog blanket and how difficult it would be to throw it away after he’s formed such a strong attachment. My mom immediately offered a solution. She had an old small size soft throw that she would give to her grandpuppy. I hoped Willie would accept this generous offer.
Upon arriving home and receiving a wonderful reunion with my best dog buddy, I unpacked my suitcase — of course with Willie’s help. I said to him, “Willie, your grandmother has given you a very special gift. Do you want to see it?” Pushing piles of clothing aside and reaching down I saw the bright yellow blanket. I pulled up a corner for Willie to grab. “Here’s your new nigh, nigh blankie.” With shear elation and immense puppy pleasure, Willie grabbed the yellow throw and ran out of the room straight to Daddy! “Here’s my new blankie, see what my Nana gave me,” you could imagine him saying.
Again each night Willie’s routine continues happily with the grabbing and shaking of his new “nigh, nigh blankie,” announcing bedtime. Peace prevails. Sweet puppy dreams Willie.
Love your pets ~nan~



Moved to Clark County in 1981. Spent our first year of marriage in Alaska and childhood and college years in Ohio. Happily married for over thirty years raised four dogs, two cats, and one son...life is good!

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