Willie vs. the Paper Shredder

My office desperately needs cleaning and organizing, which requires document shredding. It’s usually an uneventful and rather boring task — except when Willie helps. We have a little game we play called Willie vs. the Paper Shredder. It involves a game of strategic skill and speed eliminating unwanted paper piles.

We begin with the electronic shredder activated and ready for action and Willie, with teeth properly primed from salivary glands. I count to three. I place the old bank statement into the shredder and Willie is handed a document. Although the electronic shredder is faster, Willie is much more thorough. No one of sound mind would want to touch the vestiges of mutilated spittle laden paper again! “Way to go Willie, thanks for your help!”



Moved to Clark County in 1981. Spent our first year of marriage in Alaska and childhood and college years in Ohio. Happily married for over thirty years raised four dogs, two cats, and one son...life is good!

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