Dogs Understand the Joy of Simple Things

We can learn a lot from our dogs. Take, for example, my dog Chance. Simple things make Chance so happy. Here are a few of his favorite things:

• Walking around the block and sniffing all of the flowers and peeing on all trees

• Chewing on the ugliest monkey toy you ever saw in your life

•Driving through Starbucks and getting a small cup of whipped cream

• Going for a ride in the car sitting shotgun

• Running after a ball

• A new toy costing less than $5

• A big hug


• Having his dog friend, Wittle, chase him around the backyard

Sometimes I wish I could be a dog. Dogs seem to lead such simple lives, or is it just that we have let our lives get too complicated and materialistic?

The thing I love most about dogs is how simple it is to make them happy. I wish I was more happy with the little things. I can learn a lot from my dog.


// Cher Starkel //

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