UPDATE: Charged up over depth charts

You know football is right around the corner when teams start releasing their depth charts. With season openers on Saturday, this Monday marks each team's first journey through their game week […]

Fight-song frenzy

What would college football be without fight songs. They stoke the pride of alumni and are nails on chalkboards to rival fans. But really, USC, do you have to play "Conquest" […]

A-Twitter over Pac-12 coaches

Twitter in the hands of loose-fingered athletes has caused its share of headaches for college coaches. But what about Twitter in the hands of coaches? Turns out, their Twitter personalities are […]

Aching for injury updates

And so it begins. UW tight end Austin Sefarian-Jenkins' broken pinky has started the season-long frenzy of speculation, gamesmanship and anxiety when it comes to injuries. Fans, and the media by […]

Morning Buzz: Espresso shots for your football fandom

A regular feature of Tailgate Talk will be Morning Buzz, a name inspired by the author's unquenchable love of any caffeinated drink ... except for energy drinks. Those things are […]

Welcome to Tailgate Talk

Oh, to be a college football fan in Clark County. Husky fans rub shoulders with Cougs, some of whom studied at our local branch campus. The closest Pac-12 stadium to Clark County […]

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