Vanilla Shortbread

I have a new favorite cookie.  This is saying something- there is serious cookie love on Sugar and Spice. Vanilla Shortbread cookies are made with European-style butter.  Yes this is a […]

Vanilla Sugar Bean Ice Cream

Vanilla Sugar can be made ahead.  Put 2 C white sugar in a pint sized Mason jar.  Carefully score the side of 1 vanilla bean with a sharp knife.  Pull […]

Maple Sugar Scones

Maple sugar scones are delicious and lightly sweet.  The glaze is amazing and I might start putting it on everything- scones, sandwiches, vegetables, whatever.  Don’t be afraid of the instant […]

Grandma Dorothy’s Sugar Cookies

This recipe comes from my sister's mother-in-law's mother.  I suppose this would make her my great aunt in law?  In any case, Grandma Dorothy makes the best sugar cookies I've […]

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