Leftover Bread Pudding

Phew- have you recovered from Thanksgiving?  It was wild and wonderful here, we got home from a trip to the east coast just in time.  We don't have problems with […]

Triple Chocolate Mousse

Triple Chocolate Mousse makes a fancy treat for Father’s Day. My dad is a lifelong choc-a-holic and I wanted to indulge him. While this is not the healthiest dessert around […]

Butterscotch Pudding

Butterscotch pudding is quick and easy to make at home.  Yes you can buy it in a box but scratch pudding is far better.  It tastes like "real butterscotch" made […]

Banana Pudding

Did everyone see the "50 Desserts, 50 States" article in the Columbian ran last week?  While I've never had Nanaimo Bars (the treat assigned to WA), banana pudding has been a […]

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