Sherri McMillan

Set Your Alarm on the Hour for Tremendous Health Benefits

For those of you who wear an Apple watch, it will give you a reminder to get up and move every hour if you’ve been sitting too long. There’s a […]

Anti-Gravity Stretching

We spend all day upright or seated with gravity weighing down on our spines. Our bodies have to work against gravity to circulate blood to all of our tissues, muscles […]

Full Body Muscle Blast

We are all so busy trying to manage all the ramifications of Covid-19 so finding the time for cardio, muscle conditioning and mobility work is more challenging than ever. Full Body […]

Lunge Your Way to Strong Hips

Strong hips will strengthen the integrity of your knees and connective tissue and, ultimately, will enhance your running, climbing, jumping, skiing and overall health. The best program for strengthening and sculpting […]

Is There Magic To The Morning?

Exercise provides countless benefits to your overall health regardless of when you workout. With that said, working out first thing in the morning definitely has many advantages. Get The Endorphins Flowing We’ve […]

Kids Fit For The Fall

No PE, no sports, no recess, no free ability for kids to just go play with their friends… Kids are struggling. Most are not getting enough movement and their physical health […]

Ramp Up Your Fitness to Finish the Year Strong and Healthy

We are entering the last quarter of 2020 so as we wind down the year, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the last nine months. Recap It’s a great drill to […]

Fifty & Fit

Having recently turned 50 years old, it reminded me how important it is for all menopausal women to understand what’s going on in our bodies and do what we can […]

Mall Walking

2020 is definitely making it difficult to stay focused on your health and fitness. Between a global pandemic and now forest fires making the air quality hazardous, it’s challenging to […]

20/20/20 Challenge

It is disheartening that only 5% of Americans get 30 minutes of exercise every day. That means 95% of us are not getting enough exercise to ward off obesity and […]

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