Month: August 2013

Match Analysis – Portland Timbers (2) Real Salt Lake (4)

A bitter pill to swallow after a grueling match in Rio Tinto last night... No part quotes here; if you want to see all of them (Porter, McKenzie, Ricketts, Kreis, Beckerman […]

Official Quotes from Portland Timbers v Real Salt Lake Press Release

Here's the Official quotes from Caleb Porter, McKenzie and Ricketts, provided in the Portland Timbers Press Release to the Media following the game - at 12:50 AM... No out-takes, edits or […]

Match Preview – Portland Timbers vs Real Salt Late

Simply no rest for the wounded warriors this weekend as they will look to wrestle and will their way to a win in Rio... Lots that can be offered on the […]

MLS Final Third Power Rankings – Where are the Timbers in all this?

Last week I offered up my first MLS Power Ranking using empirical data collected from every game in MLS this year barring two. Here's this weeks Ranking Diagram: Going in I would […]

Match Analysis – Timbers (nil) Sounders (1)

Simply stated the Portland Timbers took one on the chin last night and they really need to pick themselves up and move on... adversity is part of the game and […]

Wounded warriors gather for a grand game in Seattle on Sunday…

It matters but it really doesn't; having players injured is part of the game and part of a very long, travel taking its toll, kind of season. Perhaps we see Capt […]

Time to take a reality check… where Portland is now versus last year.

Most probably won't agree with that headline; it is what it is... For me; I'm kinda past the gutted and devastated point and more at a spot where refection, for me, […]

Portland Timbers host Real Salt Lake!

That's pitting the two most efficient attacking and defending teams, in the final third, across all of MLS while also noting that Real Salt Lake sit on 41 points while […]

Possession with Purpose Attacking and Defending Efficiency Index Definitions

The best way for me to describe the logic in creating this Index is to provide an early example of the data used and the 'math' to go with it... Three […]

Possession with Purpose Power Ranking Category Definitions

Possession with Purpose MLS Power Ranking Category Definitions... Category 1: Attacking Efficiency Index in the Final Third – This is defined as all primary activities an attacking team looks to execute […]

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