Month: April 2016

Pew poll shows broad divide among GOP voters

A recent Pew Research Center report highlighted the divide that exists within the Republican party, saying the disagreements expose vastly different viewpoints on the way life in the United States […]

JHB: I’m not sure the right person is running for the job of U.S. President

U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, said she’s not sure “the right person for the job” of U.S. President is running. The Republican from Camas endorsed Marco Rubio for president early in […]

Lobbyists give lawmakers a failing grade on education

Even lawmakers who approved a proposal to to fund the state’s public schools criticized it as it being nothing more than a “plan for a plan” and not doing enough […]

Herrera Beutler to resume travel to D.C. soon

Since U.S. Rep Jaime Herrera’s Beutler’s daughter received a kidney transplant in February, the Congresswoman has missed time and votes in D.C. Abigail Beutler was born three months premature and without […]

Big names support Kasich, Benton runs local campaign for Trump

Some well-known Washington Republicans announced they are supporting Ohio Gov. John Kasich this week. The list reads like a who's-who of the state’s established GOP members: Dan Evans, former governor of the […]

Sticking with Hillary

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’ message of political revolution resonated with a large number of Vancouver residents, as demonstrated by last weekend’s Democratic caucuses. The Vermont Senator won by a 3 to […]

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