Month: July 2014

MiFi at My Fair

It worked!  So now I can confidently announce that I will be blogging a little differently at this year's Clark County Fair.  Yay!! Just to shake things up a bit and […]

And the wine winner is…

Well, that was fun! A few of the 25-ish judges are still milling around, chatting about wine making and fruit sources and the differences between meads and wine. My team of 3 […]

I’ll be the judge of that

Welcome to my first ever "live blog!"  I am currently sitting at a plastic table in Vancouver, awaiting instructions and introductions for all of us gathered to judge this year's […]

New stuff is coming to the Fair!

I sort of attacked the special Clark County Fair insert in yesterday's Columbian.  Aside from the ads (sorry, sponsorpeople) and the C-TRAN schedule on the back, I pretty much devoured […]

Don’t just go to the Fair, BE the Fair

Just one week to go before The Fair starts!!!  Yaaaaay!!! This means that over the weekend I will be prepping my entries for some Open Class exhibitions.  I usually enter photos, […]

If you’re here and you like it, tell your friends!

The Columbian has a cool new website and blogger page since last year's Fair.  Yay!  However, since I am not a year-round blog, it's pretty tricky to find me.  Boo! Due […]

I’m back! And so are free tix from Fred Meyer!

Greetings Fellow Fair Fans!! Only 15 days, 14 hours, 52 minutes, and 26 seconds until The Best Time of the Year officially begins!  Yes, folks, that's right...the Clark County Fair is […]

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