Zero Waste Banana Pancakes

Why, oh why, must I always be the last one to the party?  Banana pancakes have been a thing for gosh only knows how long, but I am just now catching on.  Please tell me I am not alone here and that some of you have never tried making them either.  Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t, but let me tell you that you should because they are delicious and also because they are an A-plus way to get your kitchen closer to zero waste.

Flourless and nut free, they are light, fluffy and perfect for anyone with food allergies or sensitivities, unless you are allergic to eggs or bananas, and if that’s the case, stop reading now.  If not, I am going to tell you that this recipe meets my fast, easy, good-for-you, made of ingredients you already have on hand criteria.  So what are you waiting for?  Go get those bananas and let’s make pancakes!

This recipe is a no-brainer.  Basically, the ratio is 1 banana to 2 eggs, but don’t get too hung up on that.  You can use more banana if you want;  I promise they will still turn out fine.  No need to measure here.  Use your fingers to add a pinch of baking powder, and if you want to add vanilla and cinnamon, just pour in a bit of vanilla and sprinkle in a few shakes of cinnamon.   Want to add flour?  You can toss in a few tablespoons of coconut, almond, oat, or other flour.  It will add a little more body and oomph to your pancakes, and it’s your kitchen, you’re the boss.  If you use a non-stick skillet, they will cook with little or no oil.  Be sure to keep your pancakes on the small side, though. They brown quickly and because the batter is on the delicate side they can be a little tricky to flip.

Make a bunch for the week.  They are easy to grab and go and are great eaten out of hand.  You can warm them gently and smear with a little seed or nut butter, or add berries and maple syrup or honey if you like.  Store them in the fridge in a zip top bag for a quick meal or healthy snack.

So use up those “oh, no I didn’t eat those fast enough” bananas that are turning waaaay to brown in your fruit bowl.  You are so not going to make banana bread and let’s face it, you can only freeze so many bananas.  Now go compost those peels.

Zero Waste Banana Pancakes

  • 2 medium to large, ripe bananas
  • 4 eggs
  • pinch baking powder
  • optional:  vanilla extract, ground cinnamon

Peel bananas and smash with a fork in a medium bowl.  Add eggs and use fork to mix eggs and bananas together.  Add pinch of baking powder and ground cinnamon and vanilla, if using, and mix well.

Lightly coat a skillet with non-stick spray and warm over medium-low heat.  Pour about 1/4 cup of batter per pancake into skillet and cook until bottom of pancake sets, about 1 to 2 minutes.  Flip with spatula and cook another 1 to 2 minutes until other side is set.  Serve immediately or let cool on wire rack and transfer to zip top bag and refrigerate.




Donna Ferguson

Donna Ferguson

I love to cook, garden, and write about all the things in Vancouver and the Northwest that make life so great.

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