Seattle sea otter diagnosed with asthma

The Seattle Aquarium has diagnosed one of its sea otters with asthma. And now trainers are teaching the 1-year-old sea otter how to use an inhaler. Seattle TV station King 5 […]

Companion animals may ease anxiety in kids with autism

Children with autism spectrum disorders may benefit from being in the presence of animals. A new study funded in part by the National Institutes of Health found children with autism spectrum […]

WSU Veterinary College wants to examine overweight canines

Overweight humans can have unhealthy hearts due to excessive body fat, but do overweight dogs? Maintaining an ideal body weight and fat percentage is important to human cardiac health, but is […]

More drunk animals

Turns out birds aren't the only animals that get drunk on fruit. Last month, I blogged about a study that found young birds got “drunk” on fermented berries and even exhibited […]

Drunk birds

The underage-drinkers have Four Loco. The juvenile birds have fermented berries. Yes, you read that correctly. A new article published in Veterinary Record reveals that young birds can get “drunk” on fermented […]

Pet flu

Health officials may have found a way to persuade flu vaccine resisters to actually get the shot. Tell them their pets’ health is at risk. We all know new strains of the […]

Dogs like treadmills too

Just like American people, U.S. pups have a weight problem. More than half of the dogs in the U.S. are classified as overweight or obese. Of the 41 million heavy-set dogs, […]

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