Month: October 2012

X-ray cast

I'm happy (proud?) to say I've never broken a bone. But if I do, I want a cast like this: That's a copy of the X-ray image of this poor person's arm. No […]

Skinny Minnie

Barney’s has given new meaning to the phrase, “Skinny Minnie.” The high-end department store is partnering with The Walt Disney Co. for a special holiday campaign, “Electric Holiday.” The campaign, which will […]

Safe steroids

Local health care providers have a message for their patients: Our steroids are safe. The national fungal meningitis outbreak linked to steroid injections has claimed 20 lives and sickened more than […]

Strange but true

We may be between full moons, but the news is full of health-related oddities. From the Zumba instructor accused of running a prostitution business in her dance studio to the guy […]

Pet flu

Health officials may have found a way to persuade flu vaccine resisters to actually get the shot. Tell them their pets’ health is at risk. We all know new strains of the […]


By now, I assume most people have heard Jennifer Livingston’s story. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on an inspirational message about bullying, self worth and respect. Livingston is a morning news […]

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