Strange but true

We may be between full moons, but the news is full of health-related oddities.

From the Zumba instructor accused of running a prostitution business in her dance studio to the guy running an entire marathon in flip flops, here are some of the unusual health and fitness stories in the news lately.

Zumbrothel: A Zumba instructor in Kennebunk, Maine, is accused of using her dance studio and office to perform sex acts for money. The 29-year-old, Alexis Wright, was charged with 106 counts of prostitution, violation of privacy, tax evasion and other charges.

Police say Wright’s prostitution business brought in $150,000 in the last 18 months. On Monday, police began releasing the names of more than 100 men on Wright’s client list.

Foot race: This past weekend, a brave soul (crazy man?) ran the entire 26.2 mile Baltimore Marathon in flip flops. Yes, flip flops, as in the summer sandal.

Keith Levasseur ran the marathon in 2:46:58, every step of which he was in flip flops. He has the raw skin and sore feet to prove it.

Womb transplants: Surgeons in Sweden performed two mother-to-daughter uterine transplants a few weeks ago. The two Swedish women received their mothers’ wombs – a first in the medical world.

The first woman had her uterus removed years ago after getting cervical cancer. The second woman was born without a uterus. Both women had in vitro procedures performed before the transplants; their harvested eggs were fertilized and frozen.

Palin fitness: Sarah Palin fitness guru? Apparently. The former Alaska governor and VP candidate is penning a fitness and self-discipline book.

In an email to People magazine, Palin said the book shows how her family gets its energy and balance, “as we still eat our beloved homemade comfort foods!”

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