Month: December 2012

Smoke-free Santa

Santa may have passed his recent physical at the Mayo Clinic, but he’s not necessarily the picture of health. He has a big, round belly. He eats entirely too many sweets. […]

Santa’s checkup

Before heading out on a long night of traveling, Santa Claus visited physicians at the Mayo Clinic for a checkup. But don’t worry. Santa will still drop down chimneys this Christmas. […]

Plus-size mannequins

Have you seen him? “Him” being the plus-size mannequin causing big uproar on the blogosphere? If not, here he is: A user of the online forum Reddit posted a photo of the […]

More drunk animals

Turns out birds aren't the only animals that get drunk on fruit. Last month, I blogged about a study that found young birds got “drunk” on fermented berries and even exhibited […]

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