Plus-size mannequins

Have you seen him? “Him” being the plus-size mannequin causing big uproar on the blogosphere?

If not, here he is:


A user of the online forum Reddit posted a photo of the plus-size mannequin and posed the question, “Anyone else horrified they make obese mannequins too now?”

Apparently, people were horrified. The photo received hundreds of comments and thousands of “up” votes.

Good Morning America shared some of the comments, including these insightful gems:

“I just fear that obese will become the new normal as we try to be politically correct about it. Being obese is not the same as being black/gay/whatever.”

“The problem is that most people who are fat take any medically accepted way of reducing their weight as ridicule. They then attempt to dissemble said fact and prove to you how they are a special case and that you are really being judgmental for assuming that it’s the doughnuts they are chugging that are making them fat. Sorry, I’m done with the fat people sympathy wagon.”

Some people did speak out in favor of the mannequin, though, saying how grateful they were to see clothes on models closer to their size.

According to the GMA story, the average American woman is a size 14. Yet the typical store mannequin is a size 4 or 6.

A source in the mannequin manufacturing business estimates the photographed mannequin is a size 24-26.

What I find horrifying is not that a store used a plus-sized mannequin or even that someone would photograph and mock the mannequin (although, that is troubling).

No, what I find horrifying is the oddly small head and hands of the mannequin.

What do you think?

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