Santa’s checkup

Before heading out on a long night of traveling, Santa Claus visited physicians at the Mayo Clinic for a checkup.


But don’t worry. Santa will still drop down chimneys this Christmas. Physicians gave Saint Nick a clean bill of health

Santa visited a clinic in Holmen, Wis. Some of Santa’s helpers posted the photo on the Mayo Clinic’s Facebook page, along with this summary of Santa’s checkup:

Dr. Pamela Hanson noticed Santa’s red cheeks but said his blood pressure, heart and ears are in good condition for his global trek week.

Area children were invited to visit with Santa and watch him get his pre-holiday checkup.

“Children can get nervous about going to the doctor for their checkup,” said Deb Cholewa, RN, patient care director for the Holmen clinic. “Watching Santa get his checkup will help them see the importance of getting their annual exam and how easy it can be.”

The only suggestion Dr. Hanson offered Santa was to dress warmly and maybe pass on some of the sugar cookies during his Christmas Eve flight.

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