Month: November 2015

Women are beginning to drink like men

Men have long been heavier drinkers than women, but a new study shows the gap in narrowing in the U.S. An analysis by researchers with the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse […]

Quarter of moms-to-be may not follow vaccination schedule

A new study found that 75 percent of first-time expectant mothers plan to follow the recommended vaccination schedule for their children. That’s great. But what about the other 25 percent? Well, 10.5 […]

Food safety tips for the holiday season

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, health officials are offering tips to prevent serving a side of salmonella with your holiday turkey. Each year, an estimated 48 million people in the U.S. get […]

Study: 10 percent of adults have had drug use disorder

A new survey of American adults revealed that about 10 percent have had a drug use disorder at some point in their lives. The study – funded by the National Institute […]

Cleveland Clinic to study uterus transplants

The Cleveland Clinic is launching a clinical trial to explore the possibility of uterine transplantation. You read that correctly. Researchers want to transplant uteruses from deceased donors into 10 women with uterine […]

CDC: Multistate food outbreaks less common, more serious

Multistate food outbreaks may be becoming less common, but they cause more illness, hospitalizations and deaths than other foodborne outbreaks. A new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

CDC links parasite cancer cells to human tumors

As if parasites weren’t worrisome enough, researchers recently discovered that cancer cells in a common tapeworm can cause cancer-like tumors in humans. Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

Kaiser publishes physician ratings

Patients at Kaiser Permanente – or those considering a Kaiser health plan – can now see how other patients have rated their physicians. Kaiser announced on Wednesday that it’s now publishing […]

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