Month: April 2011

Can we plant tomatoes yet?

I was beginning to wonder if it would ever warm up enough to plant summer flowers and vegetables. Were we going to have another spring like last year? The forecast […]

Ground Covers Reduce Maintenance

One way to reduce landscape maintenance time and cost is to plant ground covers, especially in problem areas. Ground covers do not require weekly mowing, although some benefit from occasional […]

No phosphorus fertilizer for lawns

The new law passed by the Washington legislature limiting phosphorus fertilizers will change the content of lawn fertilizers. How will that affect us lawn owners? Lawn fertilizers contain 3 major nutrient […]

Average Last Frost Date

Frost on my lawn on April 22. I thought the average last frost date was April 17. That just tells me that our spring season is late this year. I […]

European grass varieties grow well in our area.

I picked up some grass seed last week from Hobbs & Hopkins on Ankeny Street in Portland. I had a visit with Keith Hopkins, the owner, about some of the […]

Which Style of Pruning Do You Prefer?

Below are pictures of two mature Upright Yews (Taxus bacatta) with different styles of pruning. The top plant has been pruned one branch at a time using my natural pruning […]

Moss Control in lawns and beds

The moss problem has been worse than usual this year because of the continuous rainy weather. Moss loves shade and wet areas. Moss Control products for plants contain a natural […]

Is It Too Late To Prune My Trees?

Question: Is it too late to prune my trees? No, most trees and shrubs can be pruned at any time of year in the Pacific Northwest. However, it is easier to […]

What Are Your Favorite Spring Flowers?

One reason why I love living in the Pacific Northwest is the long, extended blooming season for trees and shrubs. Some of these same plants also bloom in other climates, […]

Our New Gardening Blog

We have posted several blogs about current gardening information in the first few days of our new gardening blog. In addition to current gardening topics we will be writing about […]

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