Average Last Frost Date

Frost on my lawn on April 22. I thought the average last frost date was April 17. That just tells me that our spring season is late this year. I already knew that. Does that mean I can’t plant anything yet? No, I planted some seeds of frost tolerant vegetables 3 weeks ago. They are all up and laughing at the frost. This included lettuce, spinach, broccoli, kale, Swiss chard, carrots, beets, radishes, and onions.

The petunias and alyssum starts planted a week ago are also just fine. But if you planted geraniums or tomatoes recently, you know they are not frost tolerant. Even in a normal year I wait until May to plant tomatoes. They really never start to grow until the weather warms up anyway.

Trees, shrubs, bulbs, perennial flowers and fruit plants can all be safely planted now. I even plant flowering tubs and baskets now even though some of the plants can be damaged by frost. They are safe under the patio roof from the light frost we have been having lately.

For more information on hardy and tender flowers and vegetables, go to my web site: naturalpruningnw.com. Click on vegetables or flowers in the how to guide and scroll down until you find the article on hardy and tender plants.

So, dodge the showers, or put on your rain coat and get out in the garden this weekend. You can at least get some areas ready to plant.

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