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Replacing overgrown shrubs

Question: I recently bought a home with a mature landscape that I do not like. The shrubs have been sheared so they are all round balls or boxy hedges. Some […]

Spring Shrub Pruning

Question: I have shrubs which have become overgrown and need to be pruned. I have been told there are some shrubs which should not be pruned in the spring. What […]

Apply Dormant Oil to Reduce Insect Pests

Damage from many leaf feeding insects can be reduced by applying a dormant oil spray to the bark of trees and shrubs during the winter dormant season. The caterpillars you […]

Organic Gardening is Thriving

Organic gardening is expanding and becoming more popular as more and more organic approaches are available. The essence of organic gardening is to use natural, organic materials rather than chemicals […]

Start Plants Inside with Grow Lights

It is not hard to start your own plants inside if you have a greenhouse or have some grow lights. Although it is possible to start a few plants in […]

Good Time to Prune Fruit Trees

February and March is an excellent time to prune fruit trees. Yearly pruning is important in developing fruit trees which produce fruit where is easily harvested. For many fruit trees […]

Three New Vegetables win All-America Awards

Three new vegetables have received awards for 2013 from All-America Selections. ‘Melomon’ is the name of a new hybrid melon which is earlier than other honeydew melons. Small round greenish-yellow […]

New All-America Award winning Flowers

Three new flowers have won coveted All-America Selections awards for 2013. All three should grow well in the Pacific Northwest. A new coneflower mixture (Echinacea ‘Cheyenne Spirit’) brings a new range […]

Rose Pruning

January and February are ideal months to prune roses. Old dormant growth needs to be trimmed back to stimulate robust new growth. Make pruning cuts just above a bud. Rose pruning […]

Grow Fresh Herbs in a Sunny Window

Fresh herbs can be grown from seed in a sunny window. You could be picking them right now if you had thought to plant 2 months ago. However, if you […]

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