Month: March 2013

Plant Vegetables From Seed

In recent years the trend has been to plant vegetables from started plants. That is a fine way to plant many vegetables. However, you can save money and often have […]

Reduce the size of overgrown shrubs

Question: In your recent column about overgrown shrubs why didn't you address the man's question? He was asking if he could restore the shape of topiary, not asking about replacing […]

Replacing overgrown shrubs

Question: I recently bought a home with a mature landscape that I do not like. The shrubs have been sheared so they are all round balls or boxy hedges. Some […]

Spring Shrub Pruning

Question: I have shrubs which have become overgrown and need to be pruned. I have been told there are some shrubs which should not be pruned in the spring. What […]

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