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Indoor plants stressed by low light levels

Next week marks the shortest day of the year. Not only are days shorter but the intensity of light decreases as the sun gets lower in the winter sky. Winter […]

Not too late to plant bulbs

It is not too late to plant flower bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths outside or in pots inside. I planted some daffodils in early January last year with […]

Winterize garden tools, containers and equipment

Trees, shrubs and other perennial plants growing in containers should be moved into a protected area such as an unheated shed or garage by early December. Plants which survive in […]

Grow Flowers Inside

As weather gets less attractive for outdoor gardening, I like to increase my indoor gardening. I enjoy colorful flowering potted plants, especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday period. The chrysanthemum […]

Long Lasting Poinsettias

Have you seen the poinsettia plants in stores already? Are poinsettias just like other Christmas merchandizing: sell earlier and earlier in hopes of selling more? I’m sure that is part […]

Grow Bulbs in Pots

With proper conditions it is rather easy to plant and grow bulbs in pots for winter bloom. Bulbs are still available in stores. Some at bargain prices. The easiest bulbs to […]

Fertilize your brown lawn

Lawns which turned brown without irrigation during the summer are starting to green up with the fall rains. This is the time when new roots and shoots are developing. Fertilizing […]

Pick up leaves with your lawn mower

If there are a lot of big trees around your lawn, you know that it is difficult to keep the leaves picked up this time of year. As soon as […]

Fall is a good time to prune

Fall is a good time to prune most trees and shrubs. However, there are a few that should wait until spring. Spring flowering shrubs like lilac, spiraea and forsythia already […]

Control Perennial and Winter Weeds

It is tempting to forget about weeding this time of year, but perennial weeds will continue to grow for another month or two before going dormant for the winter. We […]

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