Control Perennial and Winter Weeds

It is tempting to forget about weeding this time of year, but perennial weeds will continue to grow for another month or two before going dormant for the winter. We also have several cool weather weeds which sprout and grow during the fall and winter. Herbicides such as Roundup, lawn weed killers, and brush killers are most effective when applied as weeds are translocating food to the root system. The herbicides make their way through the plant’s circulation system more quickly and completely at this time of year. It is very important to keep weed killer off the leaves of ornamental plants. Use a piece of cardboard to shield them. If you do happen to hit a leaf or two, just remove them from the plant immediately.

This is an excellent time to apply Casoron pre-emergent weed granules around woody plants such as trees, shrubs, roses, raspberries and blueberries. It will keep those cool weather or “winter” weeds from establishing themselves. Casoron is also very effective in keeping grass from growing into beds. It will kill existing grass and prevent most weed growth for up to a year, as long as the soil is not cultivated or disturbed. Preen (and similar products containing Trifluralin) can be applied around perennial flowers to prevent most of those winter weeds which begin to sprout about now.

If you have perennial weeds such as dandelions growing in your lawn, you can apply either liquid or granular lawn weed killer. Granular weed and feed products also contain fertilizer.

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