Month: December 2012

Rose Pruning

January and February are ideal months to prune roses. Old dormant growth needs to be trimmed back to stimulate robust new growth. Make pruning cuts just above a bud. Rose pruning […]

Grow Fresh Herbs in a Sunny Window

Fresh herbs can be grown from seed in a sunny window. You could be picking them right now if you had thought to plant 2 months ago. However, if you […]

Indoor plants stressed by low light levels

Next week marks the shortest day of the year. Not only are days shorter but the intensity of light decreases as the sun gets lower in the winter sky. Winter […]

Not too late to plant bulbs

It is not too late to plant flower bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths outside or in pots inside. I planted some daffodils in early January last year with […]

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