What Are Your Favorite Spring Flowers?

One reason why I love living in the Pacific Northwest is the long, extended blooming season for trees and shrubs. Some of these same plants also bloom in other climates, but bloom is shorter and more concentrated, not spread out like here in the Northwest. One of the main reasons for this is because of the extended cool, wet spring weather which we complain about.

Two of our best early spring bloomers – flowering plum and forsythia are in full bloom right now. Andromeda shrubs are have also been blooming for a while. Flowering pears are right behind the flowering plums and are almost at their peak now too. Some of the early flowering cherries have reached their peak, but others will not bloom for a couple of weeks. Star Magnolia is also reaching its peak, with saucer magnolia not far behind. Of course we will soon have dogwoods, rhododendrons, azaleas, roses and many others.

Flowering Plum and Forsythia are two of my favorites because they have such a long blooming period. They have already been in bloom for 2 weeks and they will probably last beyond some which are just starting to bloom. What are your favorite spring flowers?

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