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Young ‘Uns: Outside of the Box

Again, I say, I love what I do! Yesterday, I hosted my first ever cooking class for the kiddos. My goal is to teach 'em early how to use whole foods […]

What’s happening in January

Hello, 2013! I greet you with enthusiasm and purpose. I'm scheduled to be here, there, everywhere this month. Hope to see you somewhere in the mix! Highlights: -I spent the past couple […]

Day 7: Holiday Samplin’ & Signin’

Happy Holidays! Today, I wrapped up my Holiday Samplin' & Signin' campaign at Chuck's Produce & Street Market. I sampled lots of good food, signed and sold lots of cookbooks. Every […]

“All the things I like”

I was hangin' with my friend, Patricia, and time flew by as it often does when I'm with her. Something about me and her we just have this special bond. […]

Holiday Samplin’ & Signin’

Throughout the month of December, I'll be at Chuck's Produce & Street Market servin' up select recipes from my NEW cookbook -- Shop, Cook, Eat: Outside of the Box. Stop in […]

The Jensen’s: Outside of the Box

Jennifer admittedly can't cook. It's not that she doesn't have a desire to cook. But her parents didn't cook and so she never learned. As an adult and now a mother […]

Gettin’ my walk on!

What a beautiful, crisp fall day it is! I just came in from getting my walk on. Those of you who've been following me and my blog from the beginning […]

What’s cookin’ in November

For the past couple of months I've been out and about -- here, there, everywhere signing cookbooks like crazy and encouraging you to step OUTSIDE of the prepared food box. […]

“5 or 50” Changing Lives

Have you ever thought of an idea and without much forethought -- just went for it? Well, I have. Three months ago, an idea came to mind. An idea to […]

Don’t give up

There I was all by myself trembling, sweating, and about to give up on the plank. If I gave in and released the plank, who would know? It was in […]

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