Author: Scott Hewitt

Toodling and tailgating

If working in the news business has taught me anything, it’s just how wrong the righteous can be. It’s also taught me to be a painfully law-abiding driver. Yeah, I’m that […]

Did you go “Doh!” when the power died?

Where were you, how were you, who were you when the lights went out? The whole region was treated to a brief stretch of blasting wind and unusual cold a few […]

Legendary teachers and brave books

Sept. 25 was Legendary Teacher Day in Ridgefield. That’s not quite the same as National Teacher Appreciation Day and Week, the first Tuesday of the first full week in May — […]

Morning drive, morning talk

Strangely enough, the morning drive is one of my favorite times of the day. That isn’t to say I love commuting. I do love my job, but the morning slog can […]

Care deeply and play it cool

Keep calm. Keep an eye out. Keep communicating. (And keep some frozen dinners ready.) Those are the back-to-school recommendations of Caitlin O’Dell and Jon Joebgen, mental health professionals with Children’s Center, […]

Quiet truths and big explosions at the movies: “Boyhood”

It’s summer, so moviegoers must by law shut down their brains and become laser fodder in extravaganzas like “Soldiers of the Solar System” or whatever’s raking in the megamillions now. But […]

Early ACEs are anything but lucky

Who doesn’t have an ACE or two up their sleeve? Some of us have many more ACEs than others. And ACEs make all the difference in the life you lead, the […]

People who need people

There’s nothing easier than going for a walk. Right? Sometimes. If you’re lucky. Lately I’ve really been struck by how lucky I am, just to be able to go get a […]

Bring or borrow a bike to hit the BBC Trail on July 12

Did you know that two of the most picturesque, varied, fun and doable (even for not-so-serious cyclists) paved bike paths in the Portland metropolitan area are right here in Clark […]

School’s out. Now what?

Sweet dreams of endless summer with nothing to do can turn into a sour reality: Endless summer with nothing to do. Meanwhile there's a world of need out there. And a […]

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