Month: June 2014

School’s out. Now what?

Sweet dreams of endless summer with nothing to do can turn into a sour reality: Endless summer with nothing to do. Meanwhile there's a world of need out there. And a […]

What’s a family wage in Clark County?

With Seattle passing a $15 minimum wage, and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee supporting the idea for the whole state, the question of how much money it takes to get by […]

Parents: Summer is fun, no matter what you do

Here’s a little light reading for you parents who might be tempted to switch to helicopter mode in order to create an amazing and educational summer for your children. The […]

Telecommuting makes things easier, but working family life is still a juggle

One thought struck me when I visited Christian Bullock’s Vancouver home office recently for a story on telecommuting: Working from home doesn’t mean you don’t need childcare. Nor does it […]

Family meetings and summer realities

A temporary population spike – in the form of a college student home for the summer and a high schooler with tons of upcoming freedom on her hands – prompted […]

Events offer kid safety info

It’s tough to find that middle ground between helicopter and free-range parenting, although most parents would agree they want to keep their kids safe. Good information can help. And plenty will […]

Shorter maternity leave in the U.S. gives moms more time to enjoy workplace pump stations

In Washington state, it’s possible to string together 18 weeks of maternity leave by combining six weeks of disability with the 12 weeks off guaranteed by the federal Family and […]

Children watching parents watching screens

We all know, having read a Columbian masterpiece on May 18, just how cool Vancouver's downtown has grown these days. I noticed another aspect of downtown cool –  unless maybe it's […]

Darn it, kids, go outside!

I'm constantly encouraging my two noisy boys to go outside, usually at the top of my voice. Exploring the outdoors makes kids happier, healthier and smarter. If you have a tough time […]

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