Help us map your memories of JFK

Every generation has one, a day of infamy as President Franklin D. Roosevelt described the Pearl Harbor attack that occurred on Dec. 7, 1942. For my generation, it's easily Sept. 11, […]

Our toolbox gets a new addition

Last week, the Evergreen School District locked down Frontier Middle School after an 11-year-old boy was arrested with weapons and ammunition in his possession, and now faces some serious charges. […]

Farewell to John Branton

On Monday we got word that longtime Columbian police reporter John Branton died over the weekend. He was 66. John retired after 27 years at the paper in May 2012. Before […]

We’re virtually the worst drivers out there

What happens when you run a reporter through police training? Unscientific data shows they'll fail the exam two out of three times -- or at least that's what happened earlier […]

The third time is a charm

Today we unveiled a new look for It is our third redesign of the site since 2008, and we're admittedly biased but we think it's the best one yet. […]

College degree equals economic clout and yes, debt

The cost of college keeps rising, but apparently it might be worth it. Maybe. Richard Fry, a senior research associate for the Pew Research Center, reported today that data released last week by […]

Want to know more about who’s running for freeholder?

On Nov. 5, voters will select 15 freeholders, five from each Clark County commissioner district. Once elected, they will meet to write a new home rule charter with new rules on […]

River bests John Branton (and Skyview)

A few weeks back I wrote about my attempt to unseat the top video on our YouTube channel. Unfortunately, my WSP ridealong video has only gotten about 1,000 views at […]

Speeding on La Center Road is not a smart move

In case you missed it, the La Center Police Department has greatly increased efforts the past couple of years to crack down on speeding, even expanding its patrol area to […]

Are we fair-weather fans?

When the Clark County Fair experiences a jump or decline in attendance, officials typically point to the weather as one of the main factors, but I've often wondered are we […]

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