Commonwealth Cafe – Giving Us All That Sandwich Love

Walking into the Commonwealth Cafe is like entering a modern fairy tale. In this fairy tale, you go to Grandma’s house for lunch and two guys have taken over her kitchen. These two guys are Jim Kavanaugh and Reid Ashwill – the owners and sole employees of this fine establishment. The Commonwealth Cafe is located […]

Paper Tiger + Rosycakes = The Perfect Breakfast

It’s Wednesday morning, it has been raining so much the last few days that I am ready to build an ark and start rounding the animals up two by two. I have been trying to eat healthy and I made some clean eating muffins. They taste as good as they look. I couldn’t even be […]

Latte Da Coffeehouse and Wine Bar offers nostalgia and comfort for the soul

It was a cold and rainy day and I was looking for a warm spot to get a hot bowl of soup and read. I did some research on local cafes and found the website for Latte Da Coffeehouse and Wine Bar. Latte Da is located on east 39th Street near Main Street in a […]

Khun Jo’s — Try a Little Tenderness

Khao man gai is the Thai version of Hainanese chicken rice.  This steamed chicken and rice dish is extremely popular in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.  The Thai version, Khao man gai, translates as oiled rice with chicken.  To make this dish, a whole chicken is simmered in water with salt, sugar, garlic, ginger, and […]

You Go, Hello Waffle Cart

My friend and fellow food-obsessive, Nichole, and I have been talking about visiting Hello Waffle Cart for weeks. We finally met up this Thursday to get our waffle-on. The cart was located in downtown Vancouver in the Sculpture Garden (9th and Broadway). The trees were filled with multi-color fall leaves, the sky was a slate […]

The Nomad — Perfection on a Bun

Good food doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of a conscious effort by someone driven to make something perfect. Gabriel Woodhead, owner and operator of The Nomad Hot Dogs, doesn’t take shortcuts. Every component of his specialty dogs are locally sourced and the highest quality. The buns are freshly made and delivered by Sugar and […]

Mint Tea — Sanctuary for Body, Mind, and Spirit

The VancouvEATER has been doing too much “research” lately for this blog.  Last week, I found myself at Old Navy trying on sweat pants.  At that moment, I realized I needed to modify my eating habits. I did some research on healthy places to eat in Clark County and came across Mint Tea. Mint Tea […]

The Mighty Bowl — Rice & Bean Utopia

Sadly, Vancouver lacks fast, cheap, and healthy meal options. This is why I am grateful for The Mighty Bowl. Yes, I like things wrapped in bacon or deep fried or smoked; but, there are times when the body cries out for a healthy meal — a chance to cleanse itself. And, The Mighty Bowl is […]

Esoteric BBQ — Does Heaven Smell Like Smoked Meats?

The inside of the Esoteric BBQ food truck is what I expect heaven smells like if you have been very good. I mean like Ghandi good.  This food truck is mobile so you will need to follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter to get a daily updates regarding location. There are some images of the […]

E-San Thai — Food Truck & Game of Chance

Yes, Vancouver does have food trucks.  We don’t have a ton of food trucks; but, we are lucky to have some really good ones.  Some are stationary (E-San Thai) and we even have a food truck pod in Hazel Dell. In addition, according to the Trap Door Brewery website, they have lined up some of […]

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