Peter Van Nortwick

Elected Husky says Ducks aren’t smart

Clark County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick took the time to respond to Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart's Facebook post regarding the NCAA's flimsy sanctions on Oregon football. But, sadly, his sentiments […]

Elected Duck fan says it’s okay to laugh at Husky fans again

Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart, a University of Oregon alumnus, has issued a statement on his official Facebook account regarding the NCAA's levying of penalties on Oregon football. Ah, keepin' it […]

In search of spooky ghosts

Last week, before a few things happened on the county beat, Clark County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick sent me one of the finer emails I've ever received. He wanted to know […]

Assessor Van Nortwick’s online outreach

As many stories as we've written explaining how property taxes are calculated, and as many times as public officials have explained it, some people just don't get it. So kudos to […]

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