Elected Husky says Ducks aren’t smart

Clark County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick took the time to respond to Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart’s Facebook post regarding the NCAA’s flimsy sanctions on Oregon football.

But, sadly, his sentiments were lost in a tragic purge of user comments. (Which we sincerely apologize for.)

In the spirit of fairness we present Van Nortwick’s rebuttal here for posterity:

Yup, he’s saying the University of Oregon is a place for dummies.

The post is an affirmation that Husky fans will persevere. Sure, lording the prospect of looming sanctions over the heads of Duck fans has been a favorite arrow in the quiver of trash talking for the past two years. The loss of it stings.

But Van Nortwick reminds us that fans can continue to mine that faithful old vein of calling each other unintelligent.

Truly, the rivalry between Oregon and Washington is alive and well in Clark County.

Erik Hidle

Erik Hidle

Erik Hidle covers Clark County government for The Columbian. He can be followed on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ehidle, on Twitter at @col_clarkgov or contacted by email at erik.hidle@columbian.com

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