comprehensive growth management plan update

A draft’s a draft

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a discussion during a Clark County council’s board time in which Councilor David Madore accused planning staff from hiding information from the councilor. Here’s […]

Madore points fingers over Comp Plan

The Clark County council’s Wednesday board time featured a heated discussion of the Comprehensive Growth Management Plan update and Councilor David Madore’s accusations that staff is attempting to hide information […]

A fast-moving target in growth plan

Understanding a subject as dense as Clark County’s Comprehensive Growth Management Plan update is difficult. It’s further complicated when information regarding the growth plan appears to change in the blink […]

It’s not over ’til it’s over

After six long and exhausting months on the campaign trail, it all ended this week. With the exception of a still tight city council race, the winners in local races have […]

David Madore may be new friend to farmers

Clark County farmers may have made a new friend: Councilor David Madore. Warren Neth, executive director at Slow Food Southwest Washington, organized a farm tour for the councilor on May 22. […]

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