Month: May 2013

Defining success for Benton

Clark County commissioners discussed the May 1 hiring of state Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, to the position of director of Environmental Services again at this past Wednesday's board meeting. That's […]

City has one sister, not sure it can handle another

Of all the topics presented at Vancouver City Council workshops, a proposal to be a Sister City with Dubrovnik, Croatia, seemed like it would be fairly innocuous. I wrote about the proposal in […]

The Athenian recall

All the recall talk of late gives me a chance to share one of the more hilariously intense stories I ever gleaned from a history book. So prepare, one and all, […]

In search of spooky ghosts

Last week, before a few things happened on the county beat, Clark County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick sent me one of the finer emails I've ever received. He wanted to know […]

Benton backer: Audience packed with “Portland shills”

At Tuesday's marathon commissioner meeting, it was easy to track the five people who testified in favor of hiring Don Benton to be the county's director of environmental services. There was […]

Madore changes tune on public comments, revisiting decisions

Clark County Commissioner David Madore wants to move public comment to the end of meetings, saying Wednesday that he wants county business put first. But back when Madore was a regular citizen who routinely […]

State of the County

This ad for a survival conference was in the online newsletter for Clark County employees today.     […]

Leave your message at the (bleep)

Messages keep flowing into the Board of Clark County Commissioners Office, via phone and email. I've written about them here, and here, and now I've got another full inbox. But […]

One of these things is not like the others

There have been a fair amount of illogical arguments raised in our always polite and never verbally abusive comment sections regarding the county's Don Benton appointment. I'd like to quickly address […]

Messages for Madore, Mielke keep coming

Last week I wrote that the decision to give state Sen. Don Benton the county's top environmental job had provoked an outcry - and the emails haven't stopping coming in. Today, […]

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