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Messages keep flowing into the Board of Clark County Commissioners Office, via phone and email. I’ve written about them here, and here, and now I’ve got another full inbox. But I thought, for now, I’d just post this list of phone messages.

Imagine you work for the commissioners, and it’s your job to type up these messages and send them to your bosses.

Then read No. 21.

1)      Karen stated her concerns with hiring Benton for such an important job.  Madore and Mielke should be ashamed of themselves.   She thinks they should go through the normal hiring procedure. Just bad cronyism

 2)      Gail Canteen wanted to pass along here concerns with  the hiring of Benton.  She stated this is a HUGE mistake.

 3)      Scott called to protest on the highest level that it is wrong for them to surpass the hiring procedure.  He stated he was embarrassed that he voted for Madore and Mielke.

 4)      Anonymous caller stated she doesn’t think it is fair to skip the HR process.  She feels that Madore and Mielke are overstepping their power and just picking their friends for the job.  She thinks they need to recall Madore.

 5)      Deborah Larner called in support of hiring Benton.

 6)      Suzzette Kehae is upset for the hiring of Benton.  She stated they need to follow the rules, it is the taxpayer’s dollars that pay for this job and they should have some say in who is getting picked.  She stated her concerns with Benton doing a horrible job as a Senator and has problems showing up.

 7)      Margaret Wesely stated her concerns with giving away a job to Benton.

 8)      Bob Zak – (WOULD LIKE A EMAIL / PHONE CALL BACK – He stated he likes Benton, Madore, and Mielke, but feels they did the wrong thing by not going through a competitive process

 9)      Dena Roberts is outraged with the hiring of Benton.  She wants Madore and Mielke to rescind their offer.  She is embarrassed for the County and thinks they are out of their mind.  She thinks there are serious violations that have been crossed in this situation. 

 10)   Joel Littauer stated he was outraged with the process of hiring Don Benton.  He wanted to know if they were trying to destroy the county?  He stated he is also planning on writing a letter to the Columbian.

 11)   Anonymous caller called to say great job to Commissioner Steve Stuart and thinks the ultimate goal is that they are prepping Benton for County Administrator and believe this is cronyism .  He stated he hopes Madore and Mielke don’t run for re-election.

 12)   Anonymous caller called to say he believes Madore and Mielke should be recalled and will vote for them to be recalled if it comes up.

 13)   Richard Lidner  – WOULD LIKE PHONE CALL BACK FROM EITHER MADORE / MIELKE — He stated Commissioner Steve Stuart doing a great job and feels for him having to deal with the  2 idiot .  He stated Madore and Mielke need to resign.  They have breached the public trust and want to hire someone that has no qualifications to meet the demands of the job.

 14)   Kay Campbell — They need to rescind the job as he is not qualified.

 15)   Anonymous caller called to voice her opinion that the hiring of Benton is horrible.  She is stated they are not following the real procedures.  Benton is a Big Mouth, Tub of Lard who has failed as a senator and is not qualified for the job.  She knows some of his neighbors and they don’t get along with him because he doesn’t work well with other and is smack in your face.  There is so much cronyism going.  She stated she is speaking for 5 people in her neighborhood who are afraid to call.

 16)   Alysa Sacarro — Disappointed in decision to hire Don Benton.  Commissioners should follow hiring procedures.

 17)   Raylnn Campbell is not happy with the Benton situation.  She thinks Madore and Mielke needs to be investigated. 

 18)   Teresa Cunnington, registered voter, 78 years old, lives down the street from Benton, she is appalled.  She stated no one has integrity and Don Benton will only show up for his paycheck heck

 19)   Jack Price is angry about the situation and would like help in helping recalling Madore and Mielke.

 20)   Carolyn Pratt and her husband are disgusted by the hiring of Benton and would support a recall for Madore and Mielke.

 21)   Gene Johnson stated Madore and Mielke are a joke, he stated if they stuck their head up their asses, they would have a better chance on finding someone better than Benton.

 22)   Sharon Jackson called to ask what Madore and Mielke are the thinking.  She stated this is turning into the good old boy club.  She just doesn’t understand it.

 23)   John Claney very upset with this action.   He also stated Stuart is doing a good job on making Clark County honest.

 24)   Mike Rutkowski and his wife, concerned voters, wanted to comment how they thought this action was undermining of government process.   It is completely cronyism and their choice to pick an uninformed person is ridiculous.

 25)   Frederick Caton, transplant from California,   corrupt Commission, makes Clark County doesn’t speak well for the County, won’t vote for either one…Lies

 26)   Arla Mattson — Disapproval of hiring Don Benton.  Very arrogant practice.  Strongly advise to rescind the offer to Don Benton.

 27)   Jeffery Watson, Smells stinky to me, Bad business

 28)   Ann Carr is outraged, furious about hiring Benton.  She stated don’t forget we vote!

 29)   Dennis Rice  is not pleased with hire of Don Benton.  He is not qualified.

 30)   Anonymous caller is furious.  He stated Benton can’t wear two hats.  There are too many people out there that are qualified that need jobs including himself.  He stated they needed to shape up for the people that pay them.

 31)   Steve Strouhal called to say it doesn’t seem fair, right, or even legal to hire Benton.

 32)   Anonymous caller called to support Steve, thinks that we should also look at Benton’s relationship with ALEC – American Legislative Exchange Council.  Thinks there is back deal motive going on here.

 33)   Dylan Nor Michael is disappointed Mielke in the appointment of Don Benton.  He thinks no one that has been fired for misappropriation of funds should be in that position with that kind of budget.  He should at least go through the normal hiring process.

 34)   Clark Hollingsworth stated hiring Benton is out of line and should have gone through proper procedure.

 35)   Jackie Walker, registered voter called to say she thinks Mielke and Madore should be recalled and the are arrogant assholes, she stated they are not above anyone else.  She is very upset and very appalled. Very upset.

 36)   Carol Stevens:  Is very upset about Don Benton hire and very disappointed in Commissioner Madore and Mielke.

 37)   Margaret Bomber:  She thinks it is a criminal act to hire Don Benton who is not qualified for the job.  She wants to get them both out of office.

 38)   Kathryn Murphy called to say she is very distressed about hiring Benton without due process.

 39)   Denny O’ Neil, Orchards, in favor of hiring Benton.  He has met Benton and thinks he is right for the job.

Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice

I cover Vancouver city government. Reach me at stephanie.rice@columbian.com or 360-735-4508.

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