Month: May 2013

Damage control over Benton decision?

An email by Republican and anti-Columbia River Crossing activist Mark Engleman was forwarded to me with a question from a recipient: "How often do political parties send out emails defending the […]

Benton has inspired hilarious headlines before – remember the French chef?

News of Don Benton's hiring has gone coast-to-coast, as the Associated Press put a story on the national news wire. Closer to home, The Oregonian's senior political writer, Jeff Mapes, referred to […]

Tuesday’s meeting could be lively, thanks to Benton

As of noon Friday, a Facebook page by Friends of Clark County, "Speak up against Don Benton's hire," had more than 140 people who said they plan to attend the county […]

But could Benton make the Mosquito Control Board?

Clark County Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke are defending their decision to bypass the normal hiring process and hire fellow Republican Don Benton as the Director of Environmental Services, […]

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