Parsnip and Barley Soup with Chicken

Barnaby and I are home sick with a cold this week. Yes, that’s right. The dog and I are sniffling and coughing together on the couch watching old sci-fi movies […]

My Minestrone Soup

Last week, I finished planting all of my new plant acquisitions with Barnaby's help and uncovered our front walkway.   My Pirate was ecstatic. The very next day a windstorm blew in […]

Time For Soup

A windstorm is blowing in and the fir cones dropping on our new pergola roof sound like bombs going off. The Assistant, Sadie, is hiding in the bathtub and I’m […]

Taking Stock

This morning, I turned on the heaters for the first time this season. The dust crackled and burned so I opened the windows. Then, I proceeded to assemble three big […]

Sweet Potato Jalapeño Soup

This year, I planted my jalapeño pepper plants in the front of My Victory Garden and all the peppers walked off.  I had the very same problem last year at […]

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