Month: September 2013

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Today, as yellow school buses roared by our house splashing rainwater onto My Victory Garden, I roasted cookie sheets filled with garden tomatoes topped with salt and olive oil.  Our […]

Tomato Bacon Sandwich

We do not eat BLT's in our home, oh no, we eat Tomato Bacon Sandwiches.  It's important to have your priorities straight during the heirloom tomato season.  My favorite heirloom […]

Fingerling Potato Chips

I forgot to buy the potato chips to accompany my first tomato bacon sandwich of the season.  And I'm so glad that I forgot!  Instead of heading to the store, […]

Editing My Victory Garden

This spring, I was charmed with the borage in My Victory Garden.  Bees adore borage and my garden hummed with the happy little workers. The borage volunteers that started from a […]

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