Month: March 2014

Back up your “stuff” via cloud-based apps

There have been some concerns about cloud-based app usage over the last couple years - in regards to security and availability of your documents.  I'm writing to say that the […]

FTP… What is it?

This post isn't for advanced users, but to be a basic overview for people not "in-the-know". FTP, or file transfer protocol, was originally created in 1971 - before the birth of […]

Link-building: A Quick Lesson for SEO

Any SEO campaign that is gaining traction hits a point where you may not need to change a lot of information on your site (unless you plan on adding lots […]

Happy 25th Birthday to the World Wide Web

Twenty-five years ago today - Tim Berners-Lee submitted a paper to his employer (CERN), which described a network (web) of computers that each had access to files - shared among […]

Time to Unlock Knowledge?

As long as I've been creating fun stuff on the Web, there have been people locking down the knowledge for their personal use only.  I'm not sure if this has […]

The World’s Worst Website Ever

I stumbled across this site a while ago - and had fun pulling it apart trying to find out everything 'wrong' with it.  Although a lot of it is personal […]

Dynamic vs. Static

It's time for another post - and i've got a topic that was brought up a while back, in regards to "how complex of a site can you do, when […]

Introduction to Tech Nickel

For the initial post on this blog - i'd like to take a minute and introduce the mission of the blog, and to let you know why we're going to […]

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