Link-building: A Quick Lesson for SEO


Any SEO campaign that is gaining traction hits a point where you may not need to change a lot of information on your site (unless you plan on adding lots more content regularly, but that’ll be a different post).
At that point, a great thing to check out, is how many websites are linking to you on the Internet, and the qualitative value of those links, based on the ranking of the sending site.  For example, if Google was to post a link to your site, it would be worth many times more than a link from (I just made up this domain name, so if I get contacted by them asking why I picked on them – I can say,

“Hey, you just got a decent value link for your site – without having to work for it.”).

In summary, there are a lot of sources for SEO out there, promising links by the thousands. Just realize that Google is changing regularly, and are focusing on dropping rank on “cheats”.

Remember, anything worth anything – is worth doing right.

Nick LaBrant

Nick LaBrant

Right now, Nick is probably neck-deep in website development, learning more about Wordpress, and scribbling down his next "Tech Nickel" post. Feel free to contact him with any questions you might have - and he'll do his best to get you an answer!

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