Pecan Caramel Clusters

Pecan Caramel Clusters don't require any baking.  Quick and easy, these treats would be a perfect addition to Mother's or Father's Day brunch.  You can also substitute in your favorite […]

Maple Cream Cupcakes

Would you believe it's been almost 3 weeks since I posted a recipe?  This is literally the longest time this blog has gone in years without something new. Don't worry, I've […]

Maple Walnut Ice Cream

Maple walnut ice cream isn't exactly Christmassy.  This time of year people tend to go for stuff like candy cane or cinnamon.  But as my mom's favorite flavor is maple walnut, […]

Hanukkah Baklava

I made baklava as a special treat for a coworker.  Hanukkah starts next week and I wanted to do something to celebrate. Although the recipe is a little tricky (and messy), […]

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