Month: February 2015

Sunny and cold with a chance of meatballs

Think meatballs and I used to think spaghetti. But Nancie McDermott's Vietnamese meatball soup has changed that. At least now, I recognize broader possibilities. Move over, pasta; you have a competitor. I first tried Nancie's recipe […]

Getting pickled from Boat Street Cafe

Once a year, some of my former co-workers travel to Seattle for a Christmas shopping weekend. In 2011, some of us devoured oysters at Renee Erickson's The Walrus and the Carpenter in […]

Thinking of clams? You’ll love pasta con vongole

Somewhere during my recovery from a broken elbow, the Intrepid One and I made pasta con vongole. We may have been inspired because I had bought Manila clams at Newman's Fish Market in Northwest […]

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