Month: March 2014

Happy times, you medievalists

A former co-worker, who now lives in Ireland, posted a message that today, March 31, is Hug a Medievalist Day. That makes me happy. I love medieval literature and history, so […]

‘Bon Appetit’ reporter writes about Washington’s oysters

Daniel Duane, a writer for the March issue of "Bon Appetit," calls Seattle "the greatest of oyster cities." I think my friend Kathleen would agree. In reporting the story, Duane drove […]

Add a dab of peach-orange sauce to that pork

I get tired of chicken, tired of beef, tired of pretty much everything on my mental go-to list for dinners. But a long time had passed since I had thought about […]

Eggplant dish makes fine Lenten meal

It took me two tries to get pan-fried eggplant with basalmic, basil and capers right. Nothing was wrong with the recipe; I did a do-over because I messed up Step […]

Etouffée, New Orleans on my mind

With Mardi Gras approaching, we decided to make étouffée last weekend. New Orleans must have been on our minds. I wasn't so keen on the idea because I didn't get home from […]

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