Month: March 2024

Spring Reset

The spring season offers a perfect opportunity to hit the reset button and embrace a fresh mindset towards our health and well-being.  Spring signifies renewal. It's a time to shake off […]

Strengthen Your Feet to Improve Your Health

The human foot and ankle are marvels of engineering. The foot and ankle support the body's weight, absorbing shock, and provide stability and mobility. We stand and walk on them […]

Understanding Ultra-processed Foods And The Impact To Your Health

People are busier than ever; causing many to rely heavily on quick and easy, ultra-processed food (UPF) for our meals and snacks. Convenience often trumps nutrition in a fast-paced world, […]

Don’t Drink Your Calories!

One of the simplest action steps you could take to dramatically improve your overall health is to replace anything you drink with water or no-calorie options. If people committed to […]

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