Month: February 2022

Posture Makeover To Reverse The Aging Process

As we age, our shoulders and upper back starts to round forward into a kyphotic, hunchback posture. This has been compounded with the age of work from home and virtual […]

Kitchen Makeover 101 – 8 Tips to Success

You may have decided to start taking care of your health and eating better, but if your kitchen is not set up for success, you are likely to struggle. You […]

5 Tips to Get Back on Track

It’s been over a month since many of you decided to make some changes in your lives. If the stats are accurate, most of you have already fallen off the […]

Get Strong to Play Better Pickleball

Pickleball is an activity that works your entire body, agility, reaction time, balance, and cardiovascular fitness. Although it is a fun and relatively gentle sport, it can still cause injuries, […]

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