Month: November 2018

Fitness In Between The Feasts

We all just enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast and in one month, we’ll be back at it during the Christmas and New Year’s dinner, get-togethers and parties. It’s easy to […]

Sleep More To Lose Weight!

Sleep more and lose weight - now that seems like a program that a lot of people can commit to! Although it may seem like it’s too good to be […]

Muscle & Tissue Release

As we get older, our tissues generally become more tight and rigid and our flexibility and posture can be negatively affected. Here’s some tips to keep you mobile and limber […]

Preserve your fast-twitch muscles!

As we age we lose bout 7 pounds of muscle each decade and this loss is predominantly noted in the number and size of fast twitch muscle fibers. These muscle […]

Fake fitness news

There is a lot of talk about Fake News and the fitness industry is not immune. Here’s a list of common myths and the corresponding facts. Fake: The best time to […]

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