Month: April 2018

Spring Into Shape For Summer – Week Nine

We’ve been at this for 2 months now and you should be in better shape and experiencing improved fitness, strength and energy! If you haven’t started yet, go back through […]

Spring Into Shape For Summer – Week Eight

 "Personal success is never static.  It usually comes in small steps leading to other small steps that lead to broader achievement"  W. Roberts Past blogs in this series Cardiovascular Conditioning This week incorporate […]

Spring Into Shape for Summer – Week Seven

"Do not be afraid to demand great things of yourself. Powers which you never dreamed you possessed will leap to your assistance…" O. Marden Previous Weeks In This Series Cardiovascular Conditioning: This week […]

Spring Into Shape For Summer – Week Six

We’ve been getting some nice signs that summer is on the way!  It’s a good time to reassess your goals, monitor your progress and determine if you're on track.  If […]

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