Month: January 2016

Skinny Butts Are NOT Where It’s At!

Some studies have reported that women with bigger butts have shown to be more intelligent, more resistant to disease and may be less likely to develop heart disease and diabetes! Although […]

Strong Arms Is the New Sexy

When it’s cold, dark and rainy, it’s a good opportunity to increase your time in the weight room.  Spend the time now and you’ll enjoy toned and sculpted arms in […]

Core Conditioning – To Crunch or Not Crunch?

Abdominal crunches and sit-ups still seem to be the go-to exercise when someone wants to strengthen their core but they may not be doing as much as we think to develop the strong […]

Pumping Tubing

Lack of time is the number one reason many people choose not to exercise. It can be difficult to find time to drive to the gym, find a parking spot, […]

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